The "I accidently abandoned this for Tumblr" post

So, Tumblr, what a thing right.

Right. Whoops.

New artstuff will be there. Later I will purge all the contents of this blog and use it as a purely Game-dev one.

Sugar and Spice

Screenshot of sugar in-game

All of Sugar's Sprites

Boss (Spice) and beginning enemy (Cakey)
Spice Sprite

I am making a Mario clone because I CAN'T DO SIMPLE....

and I need to do something simple to start.

It is coming along -very- well, I am almost finished with the first level. I will only work on things for that level until it is finished, I made the Spice sprite to be my basis for all other enemies. Other than her, the rest of this is needed for the first level. =)

Will update with more as it comes along.

Art Dump the Second

Pardox concepts

Dyre WiP

Chibi concepts

Robot concepts for Chibi game

New Glimmer style

Some things I forgot to put up. ><

Glimmer is the more important of them. I've decided on a style and will be able to work on it again. - without the nagging voice nagging about the monotone boxy environments and blank character-shaped things.

So there's some things.

Oh Brother art will likely pick up again after I get more work done on Glimmer. Been a bit out of sorts lately and need to get back to being productive.

Art Dump


It doesn't have a name, but I love it...just the same

basics of a height chart; "toddlers" -> "Nini" -> "Big Brother" -> "Daddy" -> "Momma", everyone else is in there somewhere and monsters can potentially hit the top there.


He is the Merchant. He wont tell you his name, you haven't made him enough money yet.

Dumping arts

Not sure if I've posted some of these yet, will go back and check but for now -STUFF

OB sketches

Turn, Granny, turn

Mini size comparison

Some things

Granny - an NPC

Lyra, in her housewear

Sketches!..with color even.

Nini's Mom

Nini’s mom, redesigned again. I need to figure out how to make all of this move, she has a lot of moving bits. And bounce.
At-home costume to come soon, still not sure what she’ll be wearing around the house, but this is her “Hag robe”. Otherwise known as the battle gear.
Father and Brother to come soon as well, once I figure out how to draw the mens.
AND RANDOM NPCS…because I reeeally need to do those at some point. I am neglecting people (and places) in favor of Nini. ><
That stops now.